It’s A Wrap


I was reading
your article
on the 400+HP 5.9L last night
and your comment about trying
to get rid of the power steering
pump sparked a memory
for me. I saw a drag truck in
Seattle many years ago that
I snapped pictures of, and I
remembered that he didn’t
have a power steering pump on
his truck, so I dug up a picture.
Not sure it is the best setup, not
a lot of wrap on the water pump
pulley. And it looks like he has
underdrive pulleys which may
be what makes it work OK,
while a stock setup wouldn’t
allow for this belt routing.
Not sure it helps you or not,
but thought I would send it
your way just in case.

Thanks very much. As
you mentioned, there’s
not a lot of belt wrap
on the water pump pulley,
although, without an
engine-driven fan, I think it
is fine, especially on a dragonly
vehicle. And, yes, the
UD pulley is the key.

You can remove
the power steering pump from a Magnum V8
if you fit underdrive pulleys.

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