Moplane Or Noplane


Moplane or Noplane

By Al Dente

It’s the great equalizer that puts your new Hellcat Challenger on a playing field that’s level with a clapped out ’91 Dodge Dynasty. It’s called… a traffic jam. Both cars will inch up at the same rate in clogged highway stop and go or remain equally motionless as cars in front sit there with their brake lights illuminated. Well, PaMopar (Stellantis) recognized the situation that was trapping Mo’fans in Mopars with no place to go, and they did something about it. They hooked up with Archer Aviation with manufacturing facilities in Covington, Georgia with an aim to be the exclusive contract manufacturer for the vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) Midnight aircraft, which can carry four passengers and a pilot with a range of 100 miles. The aircraft will use electric motors which should be no problem for Stellantis with its plans to electrify its automotive products. Industrial firms and new startups are flocking to invest in air taxis, which can take off and land vertically to ferry travelers to airports or on short trips between cities, allowing them to beat traffic. ‘Course, Stellantis isn’t the only automaker that will be reaching to the sky. Honda. For one, also is looking to get in on the action. Just remember…  Moplane or noplane.

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