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I have purchased an A833 tranny OD
unit, 1980 model year, my plan is it to install
it behind my 440 (’73 E-body). I know that
there is not available a big block bellhousing
to accept my front bearing retainer of
5.125˝. Any ideas to make the swap?

Any competent machine shop can
enlarge the pilot dimension, but if you
have this done, there’s 2 caveats: First,
when you bolt the reworked housing to the
block, be sure to check the concentricity.
Use offset dowels as required. Second,
the enlarged pilot hole may impinge on
the fork pivot mounting stud holes. If this
happens, you’ll need to either re-engineer
a fork pivot, or go to a hydraulic clutch
release setup. The fine-spline A833 will not
be a long-term solution behind a 440.

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