A co-worker gave me 6 carburetors, 3
Motorcraft two-barrels, a Quadrajet spread
bore two-barrel (never seen one like that),

a WCFB, and a T-Q. After running the numbers
on the T-Q its off a 1973 440. Is that
too much Carb for a ’71 360 that’s .030˝
over with 10:1 compression? My second
question is there any value in the WCFB to
someone doing a restoration?

The TQ you describe is a 850 CFM unit.
A stock ’71 340’s TQ was 800. The only
significant flow difference is from the
850’s slightly larger primaries. One of the
TQ’s best attributes is the “adjustablefor-
demand” secondaries, even cop
318s used an 800 CFM carb. At worst,
you might need to do a small amount
of primary tuning, possibly a tad larger
pump shooter nozzles. And, the WCFB?
I’m sure, that somewhere, some poor
slob is searching for that exact carb as
we speak.

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