Four Gear Fury


I bought a ’66
Sport Fury a few years ago.
I have the broadcast sheet,
fender tag, Certicard and a
copy of the IBM punch card
from Chrysler. The car is
a factory 440 4-speed car.
The motor is non-matching,
but the four-speed looks
like the original. I got a number off the
extension housing and called Brewer’s,
they told me it was a ’66 trans. But they
didn’t know if it came with an 18 spline or 23
spline from Ma Mopar. I know I can take it
apart and find out what trans is in there, but
my question is what trans came in it from
the factory? Was there ever a 18 spline 4
speed put in a C-body?

There was, but not in ’66. Remember
that the 375 BHP 440 did not appear until
’67. Your original 440 was the small valve,
mild cam “station wagon” engine. The
only cars to get the 18-spline “Hemi”
A833 in 1966 were Hemis, and they were
all in B-bodies.

Having said that, with any kind of
decent 440 build, in a heavy C-body, yours
truly could shuck the teeth off one or two
of the speed gears, and the countershaft
gear, in a few hours. Reading between the
lines, you know what to do.

Ryan Healy’s 440 4-speed ’66 Sport Fury
awaits restoration. Looks like it received
an intake manifold and carb swap at
some point. A very cool and rare ride.
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