Moldless Coronet


I am resurrecting
a 1968 Dodge Coronet
440, 383 car. Before I bought it,
someone removed the vinyl roof
and filled in the holes (where
I live the sun is very hot so it
was probably all dried out and
rotted). The fender tag shows
a vinyl roof and I want it back.
I was able to see where all the
holes were filled in (crudely,
Bondo) so I have them all
located. The guy saved some
of the original chrome moldings
but the ones that go on the side
of the roof between the side
and rear glass are bent badly.
Where can I get new ones?

Your timing is pluperfect!
AMD ( has
just released flawless stainless
steel reproductions of
the C-pillar moldings used on
’68-’70 2-door B-bodies (exc.
Charger) with 2-tone paint or
vinyl roof covers. They are sold
as a pair (L/R), part numbers
Dodge Coronet – (OEM
2932118-9) – AMD 635-2468-S
Plymouth Belvedere – (OEM
2932270-1) – AMD 635-2468-S
Go fetch!

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