Where can I buy a replacement
fan shroud for my 1967
Barracuda? It has a three-row
22-inch radiator that I believe is
original (it came with air conditioning).
The engine stays cool

Hoffman’s Winners Circle
offers this repop 1968 22˝ fan
shroud. It will fit and function
on ’67s, although it won’t be
100-point resto-correct

when driving, but when idling for more than
a short time, it overheats. I’ve looked online
and found a fan shroud for a 1968-’69
’Cuda, but not 1967. They’re pretty much
the same car, aren’t they? Would a 1968-
’69 shroud fit?
I’ve subscribed to Mopar Action for 20
years or so, and it’s always been very helpful
(and entertaining!).
— Kerry McVeigh
Tucson, AZ
The clearance “recess” for the upper rad
hose was the only difference between the
’67 (2785312) and ’68 (2785614). Both were
MFG (molded fiberglass). Using the ’68
shroud on ’67 rad and hose will result in a
tight squeeze, but it will work.
The excellent repros (thermoplastic) are
made by Hoffman’s Winners Circle; their
P/N is 614. Conveniently, it’s the last three
digits of the OEM Mopar P/N. Check tinyurl.
com/hoffdealers for a “where to buy” list.

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