Fine Corinthian Clutch


Am I on my own for coming up with a
clutch pedal for a retrofit of an A833 or a
TKO into my 400 CID ’76 Cordoba, or perhaps
a ’74 B-body setup might fit? Wishful
thinking here. Of course I’d be going

’73-’79 B-bodies are all the same
basic platform, and manual transmissions
were available, surprisingly, thru 1978,
even nameplates such as Fury (’75-’78),
Monaco (’77-’78), and more-expected
models such as Satellite, Charger, etc.
Even more surprising, the parts books
imply possible interchangeability using
’71-’72 parts — many P/Ns are the same
’72 to ’73. I haven’t tried this so I can’t
verify, but I’d rate the odds as pretty high.
Remember, however, that on these
cars, several parts do not swap between
manual and power brakes.
Anyway, find one and scap the pedal
assembly. I’d ask the vendors such as
Passon, Brewer’s, etc. what they have
in inventory, or else let the tree-shaking

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