On A Slant


In the late sixties and
seventies I had several Darts/
Valiants with slant-sixes. A ’70
Dart gave up its engine after
five years or so of hard use. A
local junkyard had one on the
ground, the whole thing painted
yellow. The junkman told me
that it was an industrial engine,
perhaps out of a fork lift. He said
it had a forged crank and rods. I
ran that engine for fifteen years
without a problem. Are you
familiar with such an engine?
Is it true about the forged
crank and rods?

All pickup truck slant-sixes
from mid-’63 thru ’69 were
painted yellow.

All slant sixes— all — had
drop-forged con rods. These
aren’t Pontiacs!
All slant-sixes thru mid-’76
had drop-forged steel crankshafts.
All. I can still hear the
hammer drop in my sleep.

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