Body Drop


I’m getting ready to install a 440
into my ’69 Coronet. The K-member is out,
rebuilt front suspension with disc brake
conversion. Expecting the engine from the
builder this week, and then I plan on dropping
it onto the K and bolting up the TF and
installing the assembly from underneath.
Currently the front end is on rollers, 18˝
to the bottom of the radiator support. The
rear end is in, riding on 275/60-15 tire/rim
combo. The bottom of the rear bumper
is also 18˝ off the ground. I estimate the
height of the engine/K/dolly to be 38˝ +/-.
So that means the front end has to be
raised a minimum of 20˝. I’m way too old
to remember HS geometry, but it seems
the rear bumper will bottom out before the
front is raised high enough. I enjoyed your
recent article in MA on this topic but I would
appreciate any additional tips and tricks to
pull this off.

Nah, there’s not that much rear overhang,
it will clear easily. There will be no
problems at all, cinch.

Using an engine crane, there’s plenty
of room to lift your Mopar’s shell to
install or remove the powertrain the
factory way, and, no, the tail won’t
drag on the shop floor.
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