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I’m working on a 1966 Barracuda
Formula S. It had the 273 4-Bbl/
4-speed. However, I blew that up, so I put in
a 318 with same 4-Bbl and 4-speed. Now I
have pulled that out and am going to put in
a 1978 360 that I rebuilt 3500 miles from my
1978 Dodge Magnum, the car is gone but
I kept the engine. The 360 was bored out
.30˝ over with .10-.10 crank and connecting
rods, and it has a RV cam. I do have some
Questions: (1) How good is the Edelbrock
dual-plane 4-Bbl manifold with a 600 Edelbrock
carb for this engine? (2) Do you think
I should beef up the cam a little, if so, what
size? (I’m also putting a set of Heddman
headers on this engine). (3) Would there be
a problem with putting the 4-speed tranny
to the 360 that used be hooked to an automatic?
(4) How much HP have I increased
with this setup?

So much for one question at a time,
huh? Therefore, I’ll be brief.
(1) Not sure which Edelbrock you are
referring to, but there are no bad ones.
The carb could be bigger, use an AVS.
(2) “Beef up” the cam? Sure, a good start
ing point would be a stock 340 cam.
(3) Unlikely that the crank is drilled for a
pilot bushing. The fix is shortening the
tranny’s input shaft and using a Magnum
V8 pilot roller bearing assembly
that pilots on the area normally used by
the torque converter, E.g.: Rock Auto
P/N FC69907 or Mopar 53009180AB.
(4) Assuming that the engine was a
2-Bbl, swapping to a good manifold,
4-Bbl, cam, and headers are probably
good for close to a 100 HP gain over
dead stock. In a 2800 lb. A-body it
should rip!

One comment: I don’t think you really
meant the numbers you quoted for overbore
and crank undersizing, if so, it is all
now 100% junk!

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