Super Street


Dave and Linda Poston purchased their new 1963 Sport Fury 426 Super Stock car in February 1963, and it was delivered in April. Dave picked the car up from Vandenburg Motors in Sacramento at noon, drove back to his workplace, and later picked Linda up from work and drove home. Two friends came over to look at the new car, Bob DuVall and Stan Hannahs. Dave took them for a ride to Rio Linda and Bob Leemans service station on M Street where many local car guys hung out. Upon leaving Dave was showing off, got after it, lost control and hit a power pole. The car did not have seat belts and Bob sustained a severe cut to his forehead requiring stitches. The car sustained major damage and the whole front end was destroyed.

Since the Postons only had collision coverage, they had to pay for the power pole and phone lines, making $25/monthly payments until the bill was paid off on the pole. While repairs were being made at Blaggs Body in Roseville, Dave and his brother-in-law changed the rear end gears and installed drag racing slicks and they always drove the car with slicks after that, never again with street tires on the rear. The first weekend after getting car back from body shop, Dave and Linda took it to Vaca Valley Drag Strip, where it turned 12:71at 112 mph. The car consistently ran in the 12s at around 112 mph at the strip.

The car was their daily driver, grocery getter and racer on weekends. Also the only family car. Mel Swanson, and some of his friends who worked at the local grocery where Linda shopped dubbed Linda Ms. Ramcharger and the name stuck. Also, Dave and Linda brought our first child home from the hospital in the car, she is now 58. Some interesting history, the car got in trouble for street racing and the judge ordered the exhaust cutout bolts be welded so they could not be removed and the exhaust uncorked on the street. Of course, that did not last long.When the Postons restored the car from 2008 to 2018 they left some of those welds on for posterity. They still drive and show the Plymouth to this day.

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