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I am considering swapping a 318 Magnum
motor out of a 1996 Dodge truck in
place of my ’79 Diplomat’s tired 318 LA. I
need to know if the transmission will bolt
up and if the motor mounts and oil pan will
transfer from the LA to the Magnum.

Trans – yes.
Mounts – yes.
Pan – no.
The reason that the pan will not swap is
that 318 Magnum engines used a 360-size
rear main bearing cap O.D., one reason the
factory did this was so 318 and 360s could
use the same oil pan. MP sells a pan that
will do the trick — a 360 passscar pan.
If you’re going to all this trouble, I’d
sure use a complete 360 Magnum…just
my 2¢ worth.

All Magnum V8s use 360 size rear main
bearing retainers and, therefore, 360 oil
pans and gaskets.
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