Some Balls


I am rebuilding the
carburetor on my 1961 Dodge 318, it is a
Carter B&B 2-Bbl, which I am told means
Ball and Ball. But, taking it totally apart, I
have only found one ball. What am I not
understanding here, or where does the
missing ball go, and what size is it?

Your poly does, indeed, have a 1¼˝
Bore Carter BBD (Ball and Ball, dual
bore). And it does, indeed, have two
balls, one beneath the accelerator pump
plunger (callout #37 on the drawing, this
is the larger of the two, and one beneath

Coincidentally, Chrysler BBD (Ball and
Ball) carbs did have two balls, but not
for the reason you think. See text for
the answer to this riddle.

the accelerator pump discharge nozzle
(squirter), #49, which I suspect you
haven’t uncovered yet (remove the venturi
and squirter to access this).
Now here’s the interesting trivia: It isn’t
called a Ball and Ball carburetor because
it has balls, it is because this carburetor
design was purchased by Carter from the
Ball brothers, who had worked closely with
Chrysler Engineering in the ’20s and ’30s
to improve carburetor design.

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