A Belt In The Wallet


I have a 1968 Dodge Charger and I
need a new fan belt. Is it okay to drive without
the belt or do I need it on to drive? Also
what model number is it that I can use?

You can run without a fan in very cold
weather or at speeds above 40 mph, but
the same belt that rotates the fan also
rotates the water pump, and you won’t
get far without that. Actually, if the car
has a clutchless fan (direct drive), airflow
over the blades will turn the pump at low
speeds, allowing a modicum of “limp

home” if loads and temps are moderate.
But no way am I advising this!
The part number of the required belt is
dependent on displacement (small block,
big block?) but they are readily available –
see rockauto.com or any local parts store.

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