On The Road (Part2)

Brian Dowell swabs the deck, er, windshield on his newly acquired Cordoba which he and Ehrenberg are driving cross-country for the amusement of all our readers.

Well, it’s been 4 or 5 days since our boys have been on the road and we haven’t heard a peep from them after their initial departure. We’re sure all of you viewers have been on the edge of your seats waiting for updates. So, to keep your attention and prevent you from drifting over to Honey Bo-Boo for your dose of adventure, we’ve come up with a “best guess” as to what’s been going on. We all know how “low-buck” Ehrenberg is, and we think he’s balking at the outrageous gas prices he’s seeing, so our guess is rather than draining the kitty at the pump, he and Brain are going to push the ‘dobadoo until they can reach a pump with affordable prices. Look for an upcoming how-to on this in Mopar Action.

The promise of a map hasn’t materialized yet, either so we imagine thousands of Mo’fans running hither and yon trying to catch a glimpse or an autograph from our dynamic duo. After much consideration, we’ve come up with our “best guess” map of route so you can see where they’re going and where they’ve come from. ‘Course we’ll update everything when and if they decide to check in with the home office.

Our “best guess” route of travel for Rick and Brian. You’ll have the best chance of meeting up
with them at lemonade stands along the way.
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