On The Road (Part 1)


Rick Ehrenberg, Brian Dowell and Spot start their cross-country trek from California to New York in Brian’s, just bought Cordoba. Will they make it?

By Cliff Gromer Photos by Self-Timer

Rick Ehrenberg and Brian Dowling start their latest adventure –a road trip from San Deigo CA to Marlboro, NY in an amazing rust-free Cordoba that Brian picked up on the west coast. They’re going to see if this ol’ Mope will make the trip “as bought.” Should be interesting as Ebooger likes to take the roads “less traveled” which may be anything from dirt roads to train tracks to rutted cow paths. Never a dull moment with our tech editor. The dog has been briefed on the route and will point them in the right direction in lieu of a GPS. No new-fangled gizmos for our back-to-basics tech guru. He says he’ll be sending us a map of the route with a google thing to show where he is at any point in time should you want to meet up and offer him whatever you can to help him along with his journey. The initial gas fill-up on the ‘dobadoo was $130 so cans of petrol or wads of cash would be greatly appreciated along with Big Macs and fries provided they are not more than 2 days old.

Rick has set up set up a Google voice number, 845 – 293-3893, so you can call and distract him from his driving or hit him with 10 or so tech questions, he’ll be happy to pull over and research them for you. You might be able to meet him in person if the planets align just right and come up with a small honorarium for his autograph (Brian’s is free, so is the dog’s.)

You never know what will happen to our dynamic duo on this trek so stay tuned as we follow them along for as long as we can stomach it. Or just wait for the Netflix series.

The booger and Brian as they commence on their cross-country journey. Looks like Ehrenberg has stomach pains.
Here’s Brian pouring some type of liquid someplace in the engine bay, we assume it’s in the right hole.
Here Brian tries to swap the Cordoba and his Batman T-shirt for the yellow ‘Cuda, but the owner wasn’t buying it.

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