Make A Move


I will soon be sending my restored 1970 383
Road Runner from Virginia to California. I
have never done this before and all I seem
to hear are horror stories, including one you
answered recently in Mopar Action about a
car that arrived wet inside. You thought that
maybe the car carrier left a window open.
Before I do this with my car, I wondered if
you could give me some advice. Any companies
that you would recommend? Any that
you would avoid?

First, be sure the contract covers damage
with no wiggle or weasel room. The other
thing is to be sure that one trucker will be
taking it all the way, no changing from truck
to truck and/or sitting at terminals. Ideally,
you’d be dealing with a one‑truck small
operator, or, barring that, a company that
owns the fleet, not a broker.
The good news: We bought our new
project car (’62 Plymouth) and had it shipped
trans‑continent. It arrived flawlessly in three
days! So it can be done. We used CarMoves.
com with no problems encountered.

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