Errant ‘Flite


Here’s an odd one for you:
The pic below is of the trans ID (I
guess?) on a 727 transmission I’ve had
for about 5 years. It was mated to a 383
that was in the back of an early Ford
pickup that a friend brought in from
California. The short story is that his car
finder in Bakersfield had found the truck
and mentioned there was an old V8 and
auto in the bed.
He called me, asking if I wanted it, and
when I heard it was a B motor and 727 I

said yep, bring it over. After some shop
work, both motor and trans are running like
The wrinkle is that the trans has A-729-B
on it, the other two 727s I have are 727,
so what gives with the 729? The guy who
rebuilt it checked the numbers (PK2801541
K 2378 1051) and was told it was originally
a high performance transmission. Can you
shed any light on it for me?

It is a ’67-’68 440 440 hi-po A727B. My
guess as to the incorrect large case number?
Somebody at Kokomo Casting (the
Indiana plant where the case was poured,
still the world’s largest die-casting plant)
simply screwed

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