This reader (name, city, state, gender and IQ withheld upon request) sent us this photo of his Mope that he named “Napoleon.” The product of a big-buck build, No-Name (NN) was going for ultimate horsepower to show the local big dogs where the porch was. Starting with a 440-CI wedge, NN had it bored and stroked, and stuffed with the best recip goodies money could buy (so NN says). NN went with a twin-turbo setup, fuel injection and a big nitrous system. The chassis was beefed with an added tubular subframe while the suspension was built with a custom tubular front end and 4-link rear supporting a Strange Fab9 spinning 3.73s. Coilovers all around damp the ups and downs while Wilwoods handle the decel.  It’s all rounded out with a high-dollar custom paint job with a myriad of colors, graphics and special effects that you can’t see here. “Napoleon” met its Waterloo on a portable dyno when NN went for broke (literally). So that’s the story on “Napoleon.” “Napolean Blownapart.”

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