Classic ’32


We’re always browsing the internet instead of doing the job we’re being paid to do when the boos isn’t looking, to see what Mopars are available that we would like to buy if we had the money. Not much is affordable for us with the coins we have jingling in our pocket. But your pockets are probably deeper than ours, so you may want to bid on this incredible 1932 Chrysler CH Imperial Cabriolet.

A pinnacle of design in the classic ‘30s featuring the long hood and sculpted fenders, this Chrysler was considered powerful and fast for its day with its massive 383 CI straight-Eight pumping out some 125 horsepower. All those ancient ponies are funneled a four-speed manual transmission.  The cabriolet top kept you nice and sug inside when you turned up the heater in cold weather, and great top-down enjoyment when the weather was right. ‘Course the mother-in-law seat (aka rumble seat) let you mother-in-law or any other passengers that could be squeezed into the compact accommodations were able to enjoy open-air motoring regardless of the environmental conditions.

This car is being sold by Worldwide Auctioneers at  If you’re the winning bidder, we’d love for you to take us for a ride.

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