A Mercedes in Chrysler drag gets some big cojones.

By Al Dente Photos by TheBruntBros

A 1995 “Chrysler” (using that term loosely) Crossfire powered by a 5.7 Hemi engine. Now if that isn’t the cat’s teats, we don’t know what is.

Barry Wilson is into the oddball side of Mopar mania. His regular line of work includes finding flooded-out cars, pumping out the water, collecting the fish and fixing up the cars to where they’ll at least float again for a while. Not so oddball is his passion of installing Hemis in cars. What is oddball is the cars he installs ‘em in.
Take a Chrysler Crossfire, for example. Who in their right mind would even consider dropping a Gen 3 5.7L Hemi into one of those things, which is really just a rebaged Mercedes SLK? Barry, that’s who. And if that isn’t bizarre enough, his next project, which he would have been well into by now, had he not almost fallen victim to an eBay scam, would have been dropping a Hemi into the backseat area of a ’66 VW Beetle to make it a mid-engine layout. Maybe Barry needs to take a rest (or some medication) for a while. Still, you gotta give him credit (of some sort) for breaking new ground (or is it quicksand?). Barry started off in his usual way by purchasing at auction a 2005 Crossfire with 3280 miles that had engine water damage, but no body damage. Then he bought an ’06 Hemi Charger with 2200

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