Color Me Blue


My car (’73 Cuda 318) is in rough shape but is basically solid. The resto books and various
websites do not list a paint code for Petty Blue. The fender tag is there but in bad shape so I can’t
make out what it says. I just want to verify the original color, as it was repainted at least once.

There were several blues listed as available corporate-wide for See the color chips at right
for the details. Richard Petty Blue was always a special order color, coded 999. I have never personally seen a ’73 ’Cuda in that color from the factory, but “Special Order” means just that, so I also can’t say it would
have been impossible. The best plan, failing a legible broadcast sheet or data plate, is to look in places that normally would be missed in even a fairly complete repaint, such as under the carpets, kick pads, etc.

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