Dodged The Crusher


Seve Hinckley from Salt Lake City, Utah always wanted a Dodge Monaco—had to be a 1972. That model was the very first brand new car that Steve rode home in from the dealership—his dad’s ’72 Monaco station wagon. Must’ve made quite an impression on the young lad. Steve hunted years for the car, finding several and buying one that was not worth fixing and the wrong color. Wonder why he bough it in the first place. This Monaco came out of a field in Spokane Valley, Washington on a site that was advertising cars for demolition derbies. This car wore the “right” color but had been sitting in that field for 20 years.

The seller wanted $1400 and wouldn’t budge. Steve sent a bud to look at the car and take some photos. His bud said ”the stuff you need is all here.” The body was solid but with some rust underneath the moldings. The 360 drivetrain was toast and pieces were missing.  Steve owned a black ’71 Demon with a 493 big-block.

He sold the car to a guy who wanted to drop in a 426 Hemi, so Steve kept the motor which is now 496 CI with 440source heads and a full TTi exhaust. Steve runs a 727 and a 3.21 9-1/4” rear. A local guy redid seats and SMS did the door panels. The Monaco rolls on 17” Year One Rallyes.

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