In A Pickle


Craig Pickels from Phoenix, Arizona intimidates everyone with his ’71 Duster that originally started life as a Slant-Six. It now packs a 383 bored out to 400 cubes topped with a big 8-71 BDS blower and twin Edelbrock 1407 carbs. His first time out with the supercharger blew up the rear end—actually twisted the splines on a Moser heavy duty axle. Can you say torque? Right now he runs an open-rear 3.55 just for puttering around and going to car shows. He says he’s in a pickle as to what to do for a rear. He doesn’t want a Ford 9-inch because he wants to stay Mopar. Craig built the 727 trans himself with Raybestos blues in the front clutch pack and Raybestos yellows in the other clutch pack. It has a bolt-in sprag and full manual Cheetah valve body. He doesn’t know how fast the Duster may go on the track because he’s never made a full pass with it.

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