Ready For Freddie

Freddie Kruger stopped the show at Musclecars at the Strip. He’s a real ZMopar guy.

Freddie Kruger from Elm Street showed up at the Musclecars aat the Strip show in Las vegas in a 2019 Hellcat Redeye that he had borrowed from Kathy Rezac from Benson, Arizona. Freddie is a loyal subscriber who reads every issue cover to cover. Freddie doesn’t like anything stock, so Kathy had a special wrap designed to honor Freddie who seems to be a permanent house guest with Kathy and hubby Terry.  The Redeye is a rear seat delete car with leather, sunroof and orange calipers. Eibach springs are a handling upgrade. Kathy has owned the car only 2 months so she says there’s lot smore to come. At the Vegas show, Freddie hit it off with MA Boss Gromer who took the celebrity out for a couple of biers.

The 2019 Hellcat Redeye is actually owned by Kathy Rezac. She accidently left the keys where Freddie found them.
Freddie (left) and Mopar Action Boss Gromer became fast friends. The Boss treated
Freddie to a couple of biers.
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