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Hi Rick, ’74 Challenger. I’m running a
440 with 4-Bbl, dual-plane intake, Eddie
heads, TTi headers, 3″ exhaust, and a
0.509” purple-shaft in some really hot summer
weather right now. I have replaced my
180-degree thermostat with a 190 and found
that it runs on after I shut the car off. Would
you recommend a 160-degree thermostat in
this hot hot weather to alleviate this issue?

If the weather is really hot, the
thermostat just sets a minimum coolant

In the ’70s, most OEM carbs had an idle
stop solenoid. When you turned off the
ignition, the solenoid powered down,
snapping the throttle almost completely
shut. No air = no dieseling.

temperature point and has no effect on actual operating temperatures. So, no. Ideas: First, be sure you have adequate fuel octane. Reduce idle RPM to minimum
acceptable. Then look at something like the factory did: An idle stop solenoid (see pix above, it can’t diesel if there’s

no airflow). Cold air induction also helps. Lastly, shut it off in gear (or stall it w/clutch if M.T.)

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