Chrysler Marine Engine


Spend countless hours cruising the internet to see what’s available from the Chrysler camp, and you never know what may pop up. That’s exactly what happened when, instead of doing the job we were being paid to do, we took a few hours off when no one was looking and moused around various sites to see what Mo’fans were trying to unload on each other. We clicked past the usual Hemicuda survivors, original Max Wedge racecars with 14 miles on the odo, new Charger Demons with ridiculous low mileage and ridiculous low prices,,, ho hum. Then we hit upon Hemmings website and came up with this unusual tidbit–a brandy new, never fired 1965 290 HP 426 Commando Chrysler Marine engine. OK, so it was located in France at a bargain price of 40 grand. No big deal. Just rig it up to your rubber dingy and drive it across the pond back to the good ol’ USA to avoid expensive shipping costs.

Wanna see what it looked like? Check out the accompanying pix. Not interested? Click over to Honey Boo Boo.

…And there you have it.

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