Not Too Young To Smoke


I put in a replacement alternator
in my 1966 Newport, everything
was good then some smoke around the
firewall near the regulator now no juice to
the ignition or anywhere. What did I fry?
No visible sign of burnt wire.

Best guess: Chinese alternator shorted
out and blew the fusible link (usually
located at the starter relay). The test:
Hook a DMM (or test lamp) to the alt
output stud (key off!). Reads zero? I’m
right! If you wanna try it before you
replace the alternator, remove (and tape
up) the large lug from the alternator
output stud. Rig up a 32cp bulb (taillamp—
1034, 1157, 1156, 1073, etc.)
and connect where the fuse link was. Be
sure everything is turned off (even doors
closed). Bulb off? Good, try reconnecting
alternator. Bulb bright? Alternator
is definitely toast, disconnect again.
Replace the link. It should start and run
normally, as a total loss system (it will
not, obviously charge the battery this
way). Next: A good alternator.

Thank MaMopar (really: Chrysler Engineers)
for protecting the entire car with
this fuse link, on a Shivvy or Phord it (the
car) would be burnt toast by now!

Fusible links protect the entire electrical system. Prior to this innovation,
a short circuit in the charging system could set your entire car ablaze.
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