Monzter Mash


This PT dances to a different tune with a 426 Hemi under the hood.

Story & photos by Cliff Gromer

2001 Limited Edition PT Cruiser really is a limited edition—the only one we know packing a 426 Hemi. Wide body package, custom grille and attention-grabbing paint is by PTeazer—all done back in 2001. .

Ten years for a production automobile hanging in there with the same basic platform and body design is pretty remarkable in a fickle market with short attention spans. Yet the PT Cruiser, starting off as a Plymouth brand and weathering three corporate name changes, carried its cutsie retro theme for a worldwide production total of 1.35 million units. Sure, Chrysler intro’d various models on the basic PT—a torque-tuned turbo, a woody version, and a 4-seat convertible just to name a few, but under the new clothes, it was the same old front driver, really pretty close to a PL (Neon) under the skin. ’Course if you wanted to make your PT
just a bit different from the hordes of stockers, the aftermarket offered just about anything you could imagine including, a ’36 Ford-style front end. 4-banger hop-ups and on and on. And where the aftermarket left off custom shops, Sawzalls were at the ready to pick up the beat.

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