Where’s The Beuf?


For Don Lebeuf, the dream was a 1970
Charger. And part of that dream was
restoring the car rather than buying one
done. Don found the perfect candidate
in August 2002—a 1970 Charger R/T
in Wisconsin. The car was a factory EV2
Hemi Orange with black vinyl roof and
interior, a 440 4-Bbl/727, complete and
running but non-numbers matching.
Don hauled it back to Oakville, Ontario,
Canada. By the time he arrived home,
he had decided to restore the car as he
would have ordered it from the dealership
in late 1969. And so began an 8-year

complete nut-and-bolt rotisserie
restoration. Highlights of
his choices include a 440-6, Plum
Crazy paint with black bumblebee
stripe, high-performance axle
package (3.91 SG), 6-way seat,
rallye suspension and 15˝ rallye
wheels and tic-toc-tach. The modified
engine puts out an estimated
500+ HP. Don got so into ’70
Chargers that he co-founded the
’70 Charger Registry. His Charger
has earned numerous awards.

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