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My brother is recreating a Duster he had in high school. He has a ’72 Duster, installed a 360 w/ 727 trans. The car was originally a Slant-Six but the previ- ous owner installed a 318. He thinks the K-member was changed. My brother has an Edelbrock top end kit installed which includes the Performer RPM heads. The car has power steering but does not have air conditioning. He ordered a set of Hooker headers but they did not fit due to power steering box interference. Ques- tion, other than TTi headers, are there any on the market that fit a LA engine with Edelbrock heads in a ’72 A body with power steering?

First, I don’t think the Edelbrock heads are the issue, I believe the ports are in the stock location. You already know the obvious fix: TTis. I have been told that Doug’s (Pertronix, P/N D453) fit will, but this is not firsthand information).

The other fixes are:

  • Tweaking the existing headers to fit. or
  • A smaller P.S. box from Bergman Auto Craft, this is also a significant steering upgrade.
  • A simple swap to manual steering (see tinyurl.com/manualadapter).

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