Lost and Found


STEVE VANCE from McKees Rocks, PA is the 4th owner of this 32,000-mile SuperBird which he’s owned since The second owner painted the wing raspberry metallic as a form of personal customization. After owning the car for only about a year, it was stolen by two 16 year old kids who promptly sold the “raspberry” wing to a guy who put in on a black Barracuda and drove it around Lexington, KY (a town of only 120,000 people back in 1972). The owner saw the wing fly by, tracked down the car, called the cops, and they caught the kids, who still had the ’Bird in their possession. After arguing with the insurance company, Steve got the car returned to him (albeit in disassembled pieces) and a $1000 settlement. He parked the disassembled car in a storage garage for 10 years before needing a down payment on a house. He spotted the Yellow SuperBird of his best friend’s father, and said, “Hey, I’ve got one—do you want to buy it?” Steve’s best friend’s dad bought it, and then realized that he had essentially bought a heap of parts , so Steve asked him if he could buy it from him and restore it. The owner said, “yes” and that’s how Steve came to own this SuperBird. Steve did the original restoration on a college kid’s budget and he’s now doing a concours restoration. Currently the body work is completed with fresh blue paint. Thereafter, it will go to Mopar expert Jim Drain, in Tampa, FL to handle the mechanical reassembly.

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