Chi-Town Chally

This is Lisa’s Chally

IN SEARCH OF ADVENTURE, Lisa Marie sought to make up for what she thought she had missed by age 14. So she embarked on a journey of self-discovery. (When our beloved tech editor embarked on a journey of self-discovery, he was shocked to learn he had never even existed before he discovered himself). Part of Lisa’s lust for adventure, as if living in Chicago’s shooting gallery wasn’t adventure enough, was to buy herself a 2016 red Challenger, that had to be ordered to her specs (bulletproof glass?) She says she had fallen in love with the sound of a Mopar from watching “Vanishing Point,” and knew she had to get one. She even gave it a name “Divinity Original Sin” (whatever that means). Lisa went so far as to join a Challenger club—the Challenger
Demons, and became the event coordinator. “Planning epic cruises is my forte,” she says. Wonder if she can book us on a Royal Caribbean cruise line. So far, Lisa’s only been able to hit 134 mph, not bad considering
Chicago’s rush hour traffic. As far as modifications to the red beast, not much outside a lowered suspension. But she’s read and re-read Tony DeFeo’s definitive bestseller hot rod book, “Mods to the Con Rods,” so who knows where she’ll go from there. High on her to-do list are window tints and a louder exhaust (gotta love that Mopar sound). She says her soon-to-be ex-husband took a dim view of her new toy (jealous,
no doubt) and wanted her to get rid of it. Instead, she’s getting rid of him (good for you,
Lisa). But, coming from Chicago, we shudder to think of what that might mean.

This is Lisa’s Chally on mushrooms.
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