Hard Corps


Todd Decker bought his 2010 Challenger R/T Classic after
being medically retired from the Marine Corps for an injury while
in Afghanistan. Not content with keeping the car stock, the
Yorktown, VA veteran has gone with some dress-up items and
performance upgrades. Items in the latter category include a
C&L intake, Diablosport Predator tuner, 180 deg. thermostat and
91 CAI tune. One of Todd’s buds told him to hold down the steering
wheel music note and home buttons for 5 seconds. It brought
up a new screen with many options including a 0-60 MPH timer.
Todd’s best 0-60 time so far is 4.89 seconds (ESP on). He says his
5.7 Hemi/auto will lay down some serious rubber without the need for brake

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