Rear Ended


I read in an online magazine than small block 1966–’70 B-bodies “almost always” came with the 8¼˝ rear end, and that big-blocks “came with 8¾˝. But I had a 1970 Charger 383 2-Bbl that had an 8¼˝ (I bought it new, leftover, in 1971), I also had a 318 ’67 Satellite that had an 8¾˝, it was an unmolested original car with the broadcast sheet. How does stuff like this stay online? This is the Mopar equivalent’s of Trump’s “fake news”, no?

For sure! While the internet is great for announcing shows, chat rooms, parts searches, etc., it also has no system of checks and balances. If this had been written on a chat room, within days, 37 guys would have jumped on it, but because it was a “magazine,” it just sits there disseminating incorrect info. Of course, the same can happen in a printed magazine, but with reputable publishers, there’s checks and re-checks before it goes to print.

Just to clear the air: 8¼˝ rear axles did not even hit the streets until model year 1969—so any claim that all ’66-’70 smallblock B-bodies had this axle is just royal bull. Depending on options, some ’70 383-2-Bbl B-bodies were built with the 8¼˝ axle.

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