Hitch Your Wagon To A (Penta) Star


Jimmy Ray purchased this
’74 Challenger from a
young family just starting out,
and they needed some money
to get into a new apartment.
The car came with a 727 and
3.23 rear and a teal color
Earl Scheib (remember him?)
paintjob. The engine had a
burnt valve and the headliner
was falling down making it
hard to see when you’re driving.
Jimmy fixed everything
up and added strobe stripes
(it was a strobe stripe delete
car) in his Scappoose Oregon
garage, and took the car to
a show last summer. A guy
came up and said he had
owned the Challenger at one
time, but it had a trailer hitch
for towing a boat and a horse
trailer—a rather odd combination
going down the road
(don’t sell 318 power short).
Jimmy said he removed it as
his own boat sank and his
horse died so he no longer
had any need for the hitch.

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