Prime Time


I just installed a new Melling oil
pump P/N M63HV on my 68 Hemi Charger.
When trying to pre-prime the motor, no
oil made it up the heads. I removed the
oil filter and no oil is coming out of the
pump. Do you have any suggestions for
me before I remove the pump? This pump
is very difficult to access with the engine
fully assembled, the engine mount wraps
around it. I had no issues with oil pressure
prior to removing the worn pump.

There are really only two possibilities:
• The pump has loose clearances and
won’t prime. Simply squirt some heavy
oil back into the pickup side cavity (the
non-threaded hole), or fill the filter with
oil and spin on. Or, best bet, do both.
• The pickup tube has a crack and allows
the pump to suck air.
I won’t insult you if I remind you that the
drill must rotate CCW to prime a B, RB, or
2G Hemi, will I?

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