A Senior Moment


Before there was HELLCAT there was HEPCAT: One-of-six ’29 Senior Six Sport Roadsters produced by Dodge.

By Cliff Gromer Photos by TheBruntBros

 Before (way before) cars were “cool,” they were “hep.” The ’29 Dodge Senior Six Roadster features a semi-boat tail body by Murray–wood with metal skin as opposed to Dodge’s all-stamped steel bodies. Dual sidemount spares was a special feature. Aftermarket Trippe Safety Lights augment the stock lighting. Problem is, when all the lights are on, the generator can’t produce enough juice to charge. 3-way windshield can fold down flat on the hood, stand upright or tilt back toward the driver.

1928 was a watershed year for Chrysler Corp. Plym­outh and DeSoto models were intro’d that year and Chrysler acquired Dodge from Dillon Read. Dodge had their ’28 lineup in the works before the sale and the models came on line as planned. Dodge had their own big news for ’28: their first 6-cylinder engine, and a new top-of-the-line luxury model with that engine, riding on a 116- inch wheelbase dubbed the Senior Six.

The Senior Six continued in ’29 in several body styles, the coolest (and rarest) of which was the Sport Road­ster. Dodge made only six of them. The wheelbase had grown to 120 inches and the 241.5 cubic inch Six cranked out a respectable 78 horse­power.

Dodge was noted for their all-stamped steel bodies, but other coach builders got into the act creating bod­ies on the Dodge chassis. One such builder was Murray, who built their bodies out of wood covered with a metal skin.

The rare ’29 Senior Six Sport Roadster featured here belongs to Jim and Bonnie Ford. Jim has been “fooling around” with old

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