All Charged Up (Again)


To some Mo’fans it’s the thrill of the never-ending chase that keeps ‘em going.

By Al Dente Photos by TheBruntBros

One of Ken’s two favorite cars is a 1971 Charger R/T—like this one, and a ’72 Charger Rallye. But it’s the thrill of acquiring them rather than driving them that drives Ken in his Charger addiction.

This isn’t one of those stories where a guy found a car in a barn or on eBay. Or his grandmother died and left him the car as long as he finished college and didn’t marry that tramp he was dating. No, it’s not any of those. What this is, is a slice of life, the way things really happen, or something you’d see on a Grade-B sitcom. So un-cinch your seatbelt, get yourself a glass of warm milk and settle in for the duration.

As the scene opens, Ken Dehnel and a bud of his are on their way to Richmond VA to check out a Super Bird, a couple of AAR ‘Cudas and some other cars sitting in a warehouse that have come up for sale. There’s also some Brand X stuff that Ken, being a Mopar guy, isn’t interested in. Ken has his own small collection of Mopars including the Roger McCluskey USAC ’74 Charger that we featured in our February 2011 issue. The cars basically sit in his garage until he gets tired of them or sells a couple to get something else to satisfy his compulsive immediate automotive gratification addiction.

The gentleman at the warehouse is representing the cars for the

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