Howard Hughes Chrysler

Howard Hughes drive this 1954 Chrysler New Yorker in his later years when he was living in Las Vegas

Germs got you uptight? No wonder, those nasty little critters can cause all kinds of trouble. Just look at the new Carnivorous virus from China that is set to cause a potential pandemic on an unfathomable scale. While we’re not big fans of Chinese automotive parts, you gotta admit they’re in a class of their own in coming up with some malicious microbes.

The car with only 1,685 miles is in near-showroom condition.

One notable germophobic who you might remember is Howard Hughes–business mogul, aviator and film director. His life was portrayed by Leanardo DiCapricorn in the film “Aviator.” Hughes was the type of guy that would rather stick his hand in a hornet’s nest rather than turn the doorknob in a rest room. Hughes fear of germs even extended to his automobile—a specially-built 1954 Chrysler New Yorker, that recently went up for auction at Mecum.

The Chrysler is powered by a 354 CI V8 coupled to a 3-speed automatic. Note factory heater and ventilation system is blocked off.

The Chrysler is powered by a 354 CI V8 coupled to a 3-speed automatic. It features an air purification system in the trunk to ensure there’s always clean air in the cabin. The cost of the filtration system exceeded the cost of the car at the time it was built, according to the auction listing.

The unique air filtration system allowed only clean air into the cabin. the system reportedly cost more than the price of the car at the time it was installed.

Hughes used the glacier blue car with a two-tone blue wool interior in his later years when he lived at the Desert Inn on the Las Vegas Strip. He didn’t drive it all that much. When it came up for auction, the odometer showed just 1,685 miles and the car was in near-showroom condition.

Interior is immaculate with 2-tone blue wool upholstery

With its unique clean air ventilation system, you can be assured of a germ-free environment–unless of course you want to bring your own.

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