SEMA 2019


Photos by Larry Weiner and Dan Gallo. Smart remarks by Nik Brunt

Publishing schedules being what they are for a bi-monthly magazine, it’s a challenge to bring you late-breaking news and current events in a timely manner. So we rely on more on entertaining and in-depth info in print. ‘Course, there are no such restrictions on the Internet save the delays caused by our geezer webmeister’s afternoon naps.

So, here’s a foretaste of the 2019 SEMA show coverage you’ll be reading about in our April 2020 issue if your subscription hasn’t run out, or your newsstand is not sold-out of Mopar Action issues and you’re still on the right side of the grass.

And you thought the New York city subway was crowded. SEMA packs in enough people to populate a small third-world country (OK a very small third world country–maybe even a fourth-world country.).
Ma Mopar (and Father FCA) used the occasion to unveil the New (4th generation) Dodge Drag Pak Challenger. What that had to do with the girl blowing bubbles was beyond us (way beyond). But what do we know, anyway?
One reason the Mopar booth stayed packed was the free beer dished out to Mo’fans. The crowd hung around until the lights in the convention center were turned off well after the show had ended.
“Mopar Jay,” one of several celebs at the show yuks it up with fellow Mophiles
Graveyard Carz stars gives Mopar Action a “thumbs up” for outstanding journalism.
Mopar Top Fuel champ set the ET record in the autograph-signing competition (Top Pen class).

Jeep “Five Quarter.” We never saw an M715 this cool when we were in the Army. If they were, we might have reenlisted! And unlike the original inline 6, the Five Quarter packs the punch of a 700 plus horsepower Hellcrate Hemi.

The 1968 Dodge D200 “Lowliner” is so cool it may start a popularity trend for these trucks.
And speaking of low, how ’bout this wide-body Challenger sitting on the ground
Christine is alive and well, but this time the ’58 Plymouth is comin’ at ya’ with a 426 Hellephant under the hood. Watch out!
There were Jeep Gladiators galore at the show including this short wheelbase 2 dr. concept.
One trend that’s becoming popular is the “patina” look, Sure beats the expense of a new paint job. But this was no cheapie deal as you’ll note the big custom rollers, while under the hood lurked a 426 Gen3 Hemi.

If you need a new Challenger body for your E-Body project, no problem. Dynacorn makes new replacement bodies. Sure beats replacing rusty body panels.

Noted builder Steve Strope from Pure Vision built this exemplary 1973 Challenger. It had perfect stance, the wheels and tires looked just right and coupled with a host of subtle details like the front fender vents made it a treat to look at. Inside, the interior of the Challenger is a bit of a surprise. White double diamond stitched seats with red plaid vertical inserts and matching door panel inserts.

This Fargo pickup is the Canadian cousin of the nearly identical Dodge. This rat rod was converted into a wide body using lengths of chain laid side by side as a way to demonstrate the width of the truck.
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