Smokin’ At The Nats


The ever-popular burnout contest reaches new heights in tire smoke generation at the Mopar Nationals.

Photos by Dan Gallo and TheBruntBros

Spin the wheels takes on different meanings in Vegas and The Nats

You need not inhale to enjoy it. That’s the motto at The Nats burnout contest. There’s just something fascinating about watching, hearing and smelling tires in an orgy of self destruction. The display always shows to packed stands as Mo’fans never seem to tire of seeing car after truck after car put the pedal to the metal and incinerate their rear skins (OK front skins in the case of FWD).

This year the smoke reached such volume and density that it set off the track tower’s fire alarm system which in turn shut down the tower elevator trapping three people inside for about 20 minutes.

So for all you smoke fans, we present pictorial highlights of the 2019 burnout contest. We’re working on an exclusive app that will enable you to scratch and sniff your screen for a virtual real-world burnout experience. In the meantime, just the visuals will have to do.

Mike Kollatz in his ’97 Dakota won the burnout contest on Friday
Jack Mahojah Jr. took top smokey on Saturday
Natsmeister Jim Bielenda handled the burnout MC chores
Even a Viper got into the action
Some Mo’fans got carried away in all the excitement
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