World’s Fastest Demon Just Went Faster

Speedkore Performance/Gearhead Fabrications carbon fiber 2018 Challenger on its way to a record-setting 8.60 ET at Great Lakes Dragway on October 16, 2019.

The Speedkore Performance/Gearhead Fabrication twin-turbo 1400 horsepower 2018 Demon held the record as the world’s fastest Demon with an 8.77 ¼-nile ET. Well, it seemed that wasn’t fast enough for Mario Abascal—the top gear over at Gearhead. So, on a cool windy October 16 at Great Lakes Dragway in Union Grove Wisconsin, the big Speedkore hauler pulled up and unloaded the ’18 Demon that we ran a full feature on in our August 2019 issue. Leah Pritchett was tapped for the driving chores—same as when she set the 8.77 record.

Leah Pritchett flashes her steely-eyed determination race face (with makeup) for all you Mopar Action fans.
Mario Abascal (standing at left) oversees the tuning operation by the Gearheads.
The 1400 horsepower twin turbo Gen3 Hemi built by Gearhead Fabrications. There’s more ponies in the stable, but Mario didn’t want to risk any problems as the car is slated to go to SEMA –just a short time away.
Demon owner and pasta king Alex Palermo flew in from the west coast to witness the event and rag on Mario if he blew up the car. Once the record was set, Alex said that the
Pasta Fagioli al Forno was on him.

Mario explained that he wanted to give the record-chasers more of a gap to overcome in trying to catch this mean Demon. The stock engine and drivetrain remained as before. It would be primarily a laptop tuning and boost tweaking exercise to whittle down their short (1/8-mile) time and leave a little better.  After a couple of runs, the gearheads hit the right combination and Leah sprinted down the track to a new record of 8.60 ET.

Smiles and Doritos all around. 

Check out the video: (copy and paste on your browser):

Mario says there’s still a lot more he can squeeze out of this Demon so he’s confident he’ll stay way ahead of those “fastest wannabees.”

 Now… go catch him if you can.

“So how was it out there, Leah?
“Well, I’ll tell ya, Cliff…”
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