Ultimate Big-Block Build


Hellcat Schmellcat. Everyone is running around today with 700-1000+ horsepower. Even Top Fuel Hemis max out at around 13,000 horsepower. Well, Mopar Action is gonna blow all those wimp motors into the wees. How does 108,920 horsepower sound? I know what you’re saying–“it’s a start.” Well, hang onto your sombreros, amigos, ‘cuz here’s a sneak peek at our Ultimate Big-Block buildup coming soon in the full-color pages of Mopar Action. This is the stroker crank we’re going to be using. We can’t show any of the other engine components at this time because we don’t want Mopar Collector Guide to beat us to the punch with a 1-1/2 page build-up article on this engine. The neat trick is we’re going to jam this baby (when finished) into boneyard Dart or Valiant depending on which is cheaper. With Ehrenberg spinning the wrenches, you just know it’s going to be low-buck start to finish. So keep your subscription current to follow the build-up and be the top dog in your neighborhood.

Crank for our 108,000 HP big-block buildup

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