Comedian Kevin Hart was in no joking mood after driver Jared Black put Kev’s custom ’70 ‘Cuda through a fence and down an embankment on LA’s notorious Mulhulland Drive.  Kevin had bought the ‘Cuda as a 40h birthday present for himself. The Plymouth, previously converted to a 2-seater before Kevin bought the car, was powered by an 840 HP Dodge Demon Hemi. Kevin suffered major back injuries and has time to polish up his routines while in the hospital. The ‘Cuda suffered a crushed roof among other dents and scratches (should polish right out). Seat harnesses and a rollbar would have helped reduce the severity of the injuries. Guess Kevin won’t be riding with Jared anytime soon.  We will certainly miss his humor, as in the meantime Managing Editor and Zookeeper Geoff Stunkard is filling Kev’s shoes in keeping the staff holding their sides and rolling around on the floor with laughter.



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