‘Cuda Girl


Joy Curran from North Brunswick, NJ was hunting for a 4-speed Plymouth ‘Cuda AAR when she ran into Joe O’Cone who had one. Joe took Joy for a ride and she said that she had to buy the ‘Cuda. The product of a 17-year restoration, the pristine AAR did not come with power steering. Joy didn’t care, as long as she could pop the clutch and jam those gears. Joe called her “‘Cuda Girl,” and the name stuck–especially on the back of her neck as you can see by the photos. Her NJ vanity plate CUDA GIRL let’s everyone know she’s a serious Mo’fan. Check out that ‘Cuda necklace, You won’t find that at Walmart.

Joy Curran and her 1970 AAR ‘Cuda 4-speed
You’d smile too if you were going to be featured on the Mopar Action website
You won’t find something like this in a Cracker Jacks box
Joy had a ‘too to match her license plate (or was it the other way around)
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