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Hi Webfans,

Today’s special is a sneak preview of the cover car on our October 2019 issue. It’s Ron Lim’s outrageous 1970 blown Road Runner with more tricks than a magicians convention.  To get the entire story on how this custom came to be and why, you’ll have to beg, borrow, steal or even buy the issue. ‘Course if you’re one of our fortunate subscribers, just sit back and let the postperson drop what they haven’t shredded into your mailbox.

As a bonus for all you webfans, we’re featuring  a whole passal  of extra photos most of which you won’t find in our printed edition no matter how hard you look.

Original FM3 Panther Pink hue is complemented by blue and black all encased in nuke-proof clear coat. Fabricated bumper is tucked and molded into the fender. Hood is a custom fiberglass piece.
Section of stylized Road Runner artwork.
Carbon fiber sub box has hand-spun billet inserts through LED speaker lighting. Inserts were spun in-shop by Rapunzel. LEDs bathe the rear cabin in a soft pink glow.
Check out those door panels. They’re ‘glass with billet aluminum inserts.
Original rendering of a concept by artist  Dustin Gall hanging on Ron’s wall. Road Runner was built to that drawing.
Undercarriage shows Magnum Force double rail thru-floor subframe connectors, custom fuel cell and exhaust. Ron goes through 2 boxes of Q-tips every time he takes the car out to keep it this clean.
Jay Leno checked the car over and could barely contain his excitement as you can see. Hey, who has the No-Doze?
Artsy shot of the ‘Runner parked across from Lim’s Café—his Chinese-American restaurant that was started by his father 86 year ago. Ron is inviting all subscribers to Mopar Action and MCG (but not Mopar Muscle) to stop in and say hello. Show Ron your subscription mailing label from the magazine’s front cover for a free egg roll and packet of soy sauce. Plymouth delivers the take-out express orders.
If we haven’t pushed Ehrenberg over the  edge by now, this shot of the beeper’s trick nighttime glow should do the trick (quick, where’s that straitjacket?)
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