Mr. Norm’s 1320 GSS Edition Challenger


Say what you want about Mr. Norm. But one thing you can’t say is that he’s subtle. Take his latest offering—his take on the new 1320 Challenger. The stock 1320 is so low-key, it blends in with the scenery. Mr. Norm couldn’t have that. So, he takes out his little vial of pixie dust, blows a pinch at the Mope and (stand back) SHAZAM! A blinding flash of light and smoke which, when it clears reveals a Mr. Norm’s 1320 GSS Edition Challenger (nice going Mr. Norm).  This baby has graphics so in-your-face you’ll think your eyeballs turned inside-out.  The graphics that seemingly want to jump off the car and grab you by the throat are based on a modern version of the iconic Bee caricature replete with helmet, headers and wrinkle wall slicks. Not one to leave anything on the table, the Mr. Norm’s 1320 GSS Edition Challenger is just as cool on the inside as it is on the outside. Bright door sill accents and embroidered headrest covers feature the colorful Bee, while additional trim on the steering wheel mirrors the bright yellow theme of the 1320, adding just the right amount of detail. Yup, just the right amount—nothing over the top.

Each Mr. Norm’s 1320 GSS Edition Challenger is equipped with unique serial number dash and core support plaques.  Incorporating both the factory VIN Number and the Mr. Norm’s serial number, it’s the proof positive that this Challenger is the real deal. And just like its ancestors from the original muscle car era, each 1320 GSS Edition will be entered into the Mr. Norm’s Original Grand Spaulding Dodge Registry, ensuring collectability and collateral for your grandkids’ college fund.

Is the Mr. Norm’s 1320 GSS Edition Challenger the car for you? Of course it is! Just grab your cell phone and Give Larry Weiner at Mr. Norm’s a call: 760-630-0547. You’ll be glad you did. And so will Mr. Norm.

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