VIN-TAG CHARGER – Mopar Action Article Extra

Our October issue featured the last ’71 Hemi Charger produced, owned by Time Wellborn, and the highest VIN Hemi Charger produced—a Super Bee owned by Lou Kanellis. But another ’71 Hemi Charger, owned by Joe Angelucci and represented by RK Motors as the last Hemi Charger produced, the highest VIN Hemi Charger produced the very last Hemi produced has created a bit of a controversy. Tim Wellborn wanted to get to the bottom of the matter and find out the truth. So he hired the investigative company called Prove It. The accompanying attachments explains who Prove It is and what they do, and a letter from Patrick Krook to RK Motors based on Prove It’s findings. Pat refers to a video in his letter which you can call up and should find interesting. You’ll also find a thorough synopsis of the Prove It report so you can draw your own conclusions.


Lou Kanellis – 71 Hemi Super Bee

Tim Wellborn – 71 Hemi Charger

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